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Saguaro Retreats

Heart-centred journeys of discovery and well-being.

Embark on YOUR journey of discovery

Reconnect, heal, and grow with our soul-nurturing Retreats.

You have got so used to living and performing in survival mode leading you to neglect your well-being, passions, and relationships. And, you’ve become even more disconnected from yourself.

In this state, our nervous systems are in overdrive. Our minds are continuously whirling. Our health suffers. And our soul is crying out for us to listen to its yearning.

However, not everyone does, and that’s when things get tougher. It almost feels like being trapped in your own cage. Stuck and longing for things to change.

As human beings, we’ve been designed to avoid pain and search for pleasure.

But, avoiding pain only leads to more suffering, making the cycle eternal.

That’s why our Retreats have become one of the most soul-recharging experiences to break this cycle, overcome burnout, and overwhelm, allowing you to refind your centre.

It’s a nurturing way to tune in to your heart’s calling, express your truth, reconnect with your purpose, and get universal guidance while resting in the expansiveness of nature.

Are you ready to recharge your soul and create the future you deserve?


Then, this is the first step to making that happen.

Our 2023 Retreats

A Journey to Reunite with Your Feminine Essence:
Connect, Express & Shine

Costa Blanca, Spain
25th - 30th May 2023

A Journey into Rewilding:
Become Magnetic, Free & Wholeheartedly You

Costa Blanca, Spain
October 2023

Whether you are transitioning relationships, jobs, and worlds, our Retreats will allow you to…

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Discover the healing power of nature.

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Reconnect with your mind, body, and soul.

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Awaken your inner knowing and access new and deeper parts of yourself.

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Meet other heart-centered individuals on the same journey as you.

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Master your thoughts, emotions, and energy.

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Embrace the power of NOW and discover the peace within.

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Rewrite your narratives so you can fall in love with yourself.

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Pursue your dreams, and finally learn to live from the inside out.

The Saguaro way is to SHINE.

We design our Retreats to embrace the elements of Slowness, Heart-centeredness, Intuition, Nurturing, and Elevation.

We all deserve a place to reconnect with ourselves.

By harnessing the power of nature, healthy rituals, and mindfulness practices, you can free yourself and become who you want to be. We draw on the finest wellness practitioners, healers, and guides to create extraordinary moments tailored for each individual, delivering an unmatched alchemic experience to enrich a space where everyone feels at home.

All you have to do is show up, be present, and let the experience work its magic. We’ll do the rest.

What's included?

Our Retreats are a sanctuary of well-being, combining elements of transformational coaching, wellness activities, healing modalities, and ancient wisdom to foster your growth while immersed in the beauty of nature.

It’s a powerful medicine for you to process, grow, and discover your joy and hidden truths.

Are you ready to embark on YOUR journey of discovery?